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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Responses: Penelope Ann

1.   I will argue, lobby  and vote for including a rail crossing as part of any new bridge over the Derwent at Bridgewater because I believe it is essential that we keep a  working rail link from Hobart to Launceston.

2.   Yes I believe that the Tasmanian Railway should remain in public hands. Private companies need to make a profit.      A railway is the most sustainable form of goods and public transport. It is also an invaluable transport alternative should oil become scarce. We should not require a state railway might to make a profit, it is an essential service much as our roads are....and we do not expect a profit from our roads.

3.   Yes the railway line into Hobart should be retained and kept in use so that it does not fall into disrepair for the reasons listed above, but also because we have a growing population that will encrease the strain on our roads and parking facilities. 
4.   I would like to see the Northern Suburbs Railway line operational as soon as possible. I would like it to run from Brighton (to service the new transport hub) into Hobart so that the low cost, comfortable public transport is also available to the residents of Brighton, Bridgewater and Gagebrook (with car parks and bus links to each station).

5.   I would like to have an application for funding for the introduction of the Northern Suburbs Rail put to the Federal Government at the next opportunity. I would like it to be for the best option (solar and hydro electric) and I would like to see it travel right to Elizabeth Street. 

6.   I am in favour of ferries services on the River Derwent.
I am opposed to a Monorail in Elizabeth Street, it would be an eyesore that would detract from Hobarts heritage buildings.
I oppose a cable car up Mt. Wellington. It would campromise the authenticity of the natural, wild beauty and experience of the mountain. Inevitably it would lead to the need for cafes, staff facilities, storage facilities, waste disposal, emergency accommodation etc and soon become just another tourist stop.

7.   I would like to see free transport for students, during school travel times, and also for those on centrelink payments.
I would like to see more Mini buses - maybe linked to a text service - that could pick up passengers at their door and drop them at  the main bus depot, railway station or at their destination. The inconvenience of public transport makes private car travel so appealing.

8.   Yes. In Melbourne cars with passengers can also share the priority lanes and I think this is good.

9.   Yes, I support additional bicycle lanes and paths on main roads and in suburbs.

10.   Waiting for public transportcan be very unpleasant - cold, hot, noisy, smelly and uncomfortable. The Newtown Station Nursery makes a great example of how a  railway station could be. It has a business and a cheerful restaurant - a place to meat, to wait and while waiting, to eat or get a hot drink...with clean toilets. If these sorts of facilities were built at all stations and bus hubs (maybe leased to the operators who could get a cut of the ticket sales) they would make waiting for  public transport a very pleasant experience.

Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to express my views to your members.

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