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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Media Release


Transport objectives contradictory and inefficient

Future Transport Tasmania (FTT) today released it's submission in response to the Planning Commission's Draft Hobart Capital City Plan (the plan). FTT responded solely to the transport related objectives and initiatives contained within the plan.
FTT found the plan drastically lacking common sense, with inherent contradictions contained within the plan between the broad objectives and the actual projects listed for completion. FTT found it extraordinary that rail, the most effective way of reducing carbon emissions and improving transport efficiency, was given little or no relevance according to the plan. FTT also found that although the plan featured an objective involving improving public transport patronage, large and expensive road construction projects were listed as initiatives, which would directly affect the viability of any public transport services.

Future Transport Tasmania spokesperson Toby Rowallan said: "If this is to be Hobart's overall guide to future planning, then the Government and Local Councils will be planning to fail. The Greater Hobart area will be doomed to suffer from expensive and ineffective road projects that will merely perpetuate the status quo that is our unsustainable transport system. We have called for an extension to the time available for public comment and we suggest that information regarding this plan be sent to all households in the Greater Hobart region. The future is too important for hasty decision-making, nor for the mistakes of the past to be repeated. We found this plan to be drastically flawed, and we believe the future transport policy of this state should be completely re-assessed," finished Mr Rowallan.

FTT's submission is available on request (please email us at info@futuretransporttas.org).

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