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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A story from Victoria

Craig writes;
I live in a small town in Western Victoria with a population of about 1500 people.
Around 17 years ago, the Kennett Government decided to cut our local rail service. Beaufort is on the Ararat line and both Beaufort and Ararat were stripped of passenger rail.
So a few years, the two towns went into decline. Ararat had a lot of empty shops and Beaufort saw population decline - both I believe a result from the decision to axe passenger rail.
In 2001, the new Labor Premier Steve Bracks came to Ararat and announced the line would be restored. It took two years and quite a bit of money, but it resulted in three reliable train services to Ballarat and Melbourne.
Both towns are now thriving, I believe in part because of the return of rail.
Rail has a bit of a psychological effect on people. When it's there, people feel connected with far off towns and cities and the outside world. It gives residents a feeling that where they live is a bit closer to the outside world.
If this can be done of a small rural area, why cannot either side of politics in Tasmania propose the return of some services.
You cannot tell me that a service between Launceston and Hobart would be unused. Even a link to towns in the north would, I believe attract, great patronage and we an added attraction for tourists.
I love Tasmania and would like to move there in my old age. I would however love to see a passenger train service, which for me would be an added incentive.
Goodluck with your campaign.

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