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Saturday, March 20, 2010

State Election

We have not received a response from either the Liberal Party or the Tasmanian Greens.
However, it is worth noting that one of the Liberal Party's key policies is the construction of a four-lane Midland Highway.
The Tasmanian Greens, by contrast, have promised to;
Fund the Northern Suburbs Railway;
Fund a new mini-bus service;
Spend $32 million on new locomotives and rollingstock for the Tasmanian Railways.

Here is independent candidate Andrew Wilkie's response:

"I share Future Transport Tasmania's goals. Transport arrangements in the
State are not meeting the needs of the community nor sustainable over the
short term, let alone the mid- to long-term. A state-wide strategic
transport plan is urgently needed.

Bus services should be improved, especially on intra-suburban and regional
routes. Park and ride arrangements should be implemented wherever such an
arrangement is warranted, for example on the Kingston-Hobart link and
between the eastern and western shores of the River Derwent. Express bus
lanes should be introduced.

The rail system should be publicly owned. Rail freight services should be
enhanced and expanded state-wide. Passenger rail services should be
re-introduced, including in the northern suburbs of greater Hobart as well
as on inter-city routes.

Incentives should be introduced to get freight off the roads and onto rail,
for instance sensible caps should be imposed on vehicle size and weights.

Shipping arrangements to and fro the Bass Straight islands must be enhanced
and guaranteed.

And complementary initiatives, such as bicycle lanes, should be greatly
enhanced. And pedestrian zones, amenities and safety in our cites should be
greatly improved."

Best wishes,
Andrew Wilkie
Independent candidate for Denison
Telephone 0431 072 089

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