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Sunday, May 17, 2009

What is Light Rail?

Light rail or light rail transit (LRT) is a form of urban rail public transportation that generally has a lower capacity and lower speed than heavy rail and metro systems, but higher capacity and higher speed than street-running tram systems. 

The term is typically used to refer to rail systems with rapid transit-style features that usually use electric rail cars operating mostly inprivate rights-of-way separated from other traffic but sometimes, if necessary, mixed with other traffic in city streets. Modern light rail technology is highly flexible in how it can be used, and whether any given system is considered a true rapid transitsystem or not depends on its implementation.

Below an image of the Madrid Light Rail solution: 


  1. i have a question.. Are these Citidas trams running in Tasmania? I work on these in SA. I am interested in moving to Tassie and if these trams are in action i am qualified to drive and maintain them..sms me on bigfella111@hotmail.com
    I can also give feedback on the best way to maintain them wit the issues that are currently standing with them

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